For high tensile strength applications including high tensile pipelines, high deposition welding of bridges, buildings, towers, LPG storage tanks, etc. 

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N-8010-G AWS A5.5 E8010-G N/A N/A
N-7010-G AWS A5.1 E7010 N/A N/A
N-18 AWS A5.1 E7018 D5016 DIN E5153B10
N-7014 AWS A5.1 E 7014 D6013 DIN E5121RR8
N-7024 AWS A5.1 E7024 D5024 DN E5121RR11160
N-7028 AWS A5.1 E7028 D5026 N/A
N-7048 AWS A5.1 E7048 D5016 DIN E5155B9
N-7018 AWS A5.1 E7018 D5016 DIN E51 53 B 10
N-7018-1 AWS A5.1 E7018-1 N/A N/A
N-7016 AWS A5.1 E7016 D5016 DIN E5154B(R)10
N-7016-1 AWS A5.1 E7016-1 D4316 N/A
N-7016-G AWS A5.5 E7016G DL5016-B-1 E5155B(R)10
N-7018-G AWS A5.5 E7018G N/A N/A
N-8016-G AWS A5.5 E8016G D5316 N/A
N-8018-G AWS A5.5 E8018G DL5016-6AP1 KS E5316
N-9016-G AWS A5.5 E9016-G N/A N/A
N-9018 AWS A5.5 E9018 N/A N/A
N-9018-G AWS A5.5 E9018G D5816 N/A
N-9018-M AWS A5.5 E9018-M N/A N/A
N-10016-G AWS A5.5 E10016-G D8016 N/A
N-10018-M AWS A5.5 E10018-M N/A N/A
N-11016-G AWS A5.5 E11016-G D8016 N/A
N-11018-M AWS A5.5 E11018-M N/A N/A
N-12016-G AWS A5.5 E12016-G E8316-G N/A
N-12018-M AWS A5.5 E12018-M N/A N/A
N-9018 AWS A5.5 E9018 N/A N/A

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