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Industrial Welding Corporation (IWC) was established in 1982 by Mr. H. Ong Hai who had 25 years of welding industry experience (at that time). Since then, IWC has consistently and successfully earned an excellent reputation in the manufacturing industry as a high quality producer in both the domestic and international market. From an initial production of only 100 MT/month, IWC is now producing 1500-2000 MT/month of various types of welding consumables from the production types to the special types. IWC is the number one producer of welding consumables in the Philippines and is also the most diverse producer as well. We now boast of a product line with 400 products for all types of welding needs.
In 1997, IWC signed a technical and license agreement with KOBE STEEL, LTD. of Japan, one of the largest welding consumable manufacturers in the world. Through this agreement, IWC was able to increase quality and efficiency making our electrodes excel in the international market.
In order to continuously meet your high expectations, we have complete laboratory facilities (both mechanical and chemical laboratories) including: Optical Emission Spectrometer Inductively-Coupled Plasma Spectrometer Analytical Machine, LECO Carbon Sulphur Analytical Equipment, Hardness Testing Machine, Profile Projector Machine, Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine, Charpy Impact Testing Machine X-ray, Fluorescent Analytical Equipment FISCHER (Feritscope) Equipment and X-ray Fluorescent Analytical Testing Equipment. The list keeps on growing as we continue to develop our strict quality control measures. There is no day, month or year that goes by that we do not try to improve our quality systems. We understand that quality is the most important thing in all types of products especially in highly technical and critical products such as welding consumables.
We now export to various countries from all parts of the world. The list includes ASEAN Customers from Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and others. Customers from ASIA such as Japan and Hong Kong. MIDDLE EAST countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Customers from the Americas (USA, Argentina, Peru, Honduras, etc) and even to Europe (Spain, etc) as well.
We understand that each country has a different requirement when it comes to welding consumables. Whether it be the type of products, the welding ease and performance, the packing requirements; all these items we take into account. (example: countries in the more humid areas may require vacuum packing and plastic containers; Other countries prefer certain types of formulations and welding performance).
We also supply OEM packing for all our customers. If there is any wish that you may need your own brand or specific packing instructions and markings; IWC can help you. We assure you complete observance of your guidelines for packing and branding. And above all, we guarantee confidentiality as well.
Our products are approved by various shipping agencies around the world. These are: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), Bureau Veritas (BV, france), Det Norkse Veritas (DNV, Norway), Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS, UK), Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK, Japan), and German Lloyds Register of Shipping (GL, Germany).
September 1982 –Commenced production of welding electrodes with an initial production of 100 MT/month.
1984 –Started producing special alloys such as stainless steel, hard-surfacing electrodes, cobalt wires and electrodes and others. Production has increased to 250 MT/month.
1985 –Acquired AMERICAN BUREAU of SHIPPING approval and also expanded product types to include low alloy electrodes, heat resisting electrodes, weather proof
electrodes and the like.
1986-Acquired a high speed extrusion coating machine system from Japan equipped with a continuous drying oven; the first to be installed and used in the Philippines.
1987 –Started production of Submerged Arc Welding Flux and Wire.
1990 -Started exporting to nearby countries in the ASEAN community.
1991 -Started production of CO2 Gas Solid Arc Welding Wire and Flux Cored Welding Wire
1992 –Acquired machinery from HOBART, USA boosting our capacity to more than 1000 MT per month!
1995 –SPECTROLAB Optical Emission Spectrometer was acquired from Germany. Impact testing machine, Universal Tensile Testing Machine, and other testing
equipment were purchased to further our dedication to our quality assurance program.
1996 –Production capacity increased to 1500 MT/month. Started exporting to USA, the Middle East and European countries such as Italy and Spain as well.
1997 –Technical Collaboration and License with KOBE steel, LTD of Japan. Acquired SPECTROFLAME inductively-coupled plasma spectrometer to further enhance
research and development activities.
1998 –Acquired Nippon Kaiji Kyokai approval.
2003 –Bureau Vertias, Det Norkse Veritas, Lloyds Register of Shipping Approvals were acquired
2005 –Expanded product lines to include welding consumables for Nickel Alloys.
2006 –Acquired X-ray Fluorescent Analytical Testing Equipment for quality control.

2009 –Acquired German Lloyds Register of Shipping Approval.

2012 –Acquired ISO 9001:2008 Certified Management System. 

2013 -Increase capacity to 2000 MT/month