For shield metal arc welding applications involving nickel and nickel alloys. The welding electrodes in this category are most suitable in the following applications: seavater desalination plants, aircraft toolings, nuclear power, land based gas turbines, automotive industry, and many more.

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N-Ni-1 AWS A5.11 ENi-1 N/A N/A
N-CuNi AWS A5.6 ECuNi N/A N/A
N-NiCu-7 AWS A5.11 ENiCu-7 N/A N/A
N-NiCrFe-1 AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-1 N/A N/A
N-NiCrFe-2 AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-2 N/A N/A
N-NiCrFe-3 AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-3 N/A N/A
N-NiCrFe-4 AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-4 N/A N/A
N-NiCrFe-7 AWS A5.11 ENiCrFe-7 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-2 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-2 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-3 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-3 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-4 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-4 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-5 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-5 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-6 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-6 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-7 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-7 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-10 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-10 N/A N/A
N-NiCrMo-14 AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-14 N/A N/A
N-NiMo-1 AWS ENiMo-1 N/A N/A
N-NiMo-3 AWS ENiMo-3 N/A N/A
N-NiMo-7 AWS ENiMo-7 N/A N/A
N-NiCrCoMo-1 AWS A5.11 ENiCrCoMo-1 N/A N/A

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