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Be Your Own Boss! Have your Own Brand!

Be Your Own Boss! Have your Own Brand!

Considering the difficulties in promoting welding electrodes which require a lot of time, effort and money. How many times have you tried promoting a BRAND of welding electrodes and end up frustrated after knowing that the exclusive rights will be appointed to another competitor? Why not try our NIHONWELD Private Weld Offer. You can now PROMOTE YOUR OWN ELECTRODES! SELL YOUR OWN BRAND! We have been very successful in selling private label electrodes in many countries. Get the following advantages in selling your own brand:

Be your own BOSS.
Make more MONEY.
Own your BRAND.
Enjoy your promotional efforts and GOODWILL FOREVER.
More than 200 types of welding electrodes to complete your line.
Specialized in small diameter electrodes like 1/16" (1.6 mm) and 5/64" (2.0 mm) wherer no other private label suppliers is interested to supply.
Feel and enjoy all the securities in promoting your own BRAND.
Competitive prices since you get electrodes direct from our manufacturing facilities.
Special specified packing: from plastic containers to vacuum pack plastic bags.

Electrodes can be printed individually with your company name, logo types and even address.
Electrodes supplied according to your choice of color coatings.
Choices of 5 different plastic container designs of red, blue and white to pack your electrodes.
Get FREE professional consultations designing your catalogs and labels.
Utmost confidential information on all of your purchases will be observed.
Get the satisfaction enjoyed by more than 80 of our private label customers.