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INWELCO LABORATORY SERVICES offers chemical and mechanical analysis of a wide range of samples including ferrous and non ferrous metals, alloys, water, wastewater and other solid and liquid samples.
INWELCO LABORATORY SERVICES is a Bureau of Product Standard (BPS) approved laboratory. We are also an accredited ISO 17025 laboratory. 
INWELCO LABORATORY SERVICES accepts clients from anywhere in the Philippines and around the world. We assure you our credibility and our quality.
Equipment available for all customers:
(1) Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
ICP spectrometry carries out qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples for nearly all elements in the periodic table, with low detection limits. Its main advantages can be noted in its multi-element detection capability, speed of analysis and versatility with respect to interfacing with other analytical techniques. The highest levels of analytical efficiency and reliability have been combined into a cost-effective system.
-Polluted and unpolluted waters; seawater; drinking water and industrial wastewater. All types of liquid substances.
-Sediments; minerals; soil; sewage sludge and fertilizers.
-Hazardous waste, trace metals
-Food testing
(2) Optical Emission Spectrometer
The Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES) is a spark emission tester carrying out simultaneous measurements for the analysis of metals and their alloys with the minimum sample preparation requirements, thus providing fast as well as accurate analysis. I in addition to accuracy, speed and reliability, as well as high precision from trace quantities up to the higher concentration ranges, it is distinguished in particular by its flexibility. 
-Iron base alloys including carbon and low carbon steels; wires for carbon and low alloy -steels; tool steels; high speed steels, manganese steels; and hard surfacing steel.
-Nickel base alloys including Monel; Nimonic 75 and 80A; inconel; hastelloy B, hastelloy C; hastelloy X; hasteloy G and incolloy Fe >28%.
-Non-ferrous alloys including copper base alloys  (i.e. brass and bronze); zinc base alloys; aluminum base alloys; magnesium base alloys; noble/precious metals; and other metal alloys.
-C, Si, Mn, Fe, P, S, Ti, Ni, Cr, V, Al, Nb/Cb, Cu and Others.
(3) Charpy Impact Testing Machine
For your impact testing needs. To test Impact and Toughness of metals. We can also prepare test pieces for you based on your requirements. V-notch machine is also available for your needs. Calibrated by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA). 
(4) Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Calibrated by ITDI (Industrial Technology Development Institute). This machine can test tensile strength, elongation and bend test of metals. We also have available services to repaper the samples for all your needs.
Schedule of Charges Effective: September 01, 2004 
1. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS by Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)
PHP 2,200.00/sample
(C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al, Co, Cu, Nb, Tl, V, W, B, Fe)
Fe-base Alloys
1.1.1 Carbon & Low Alloy Steel
1.1.2 Wires for Carbon & Low Alloy Steel
1.1.3 Cast Iron
1.1.4 Stainless Steel
1.1.5 Tool & High Speed Steel
1.1.6 Manganese Steel 
Ni-base Alloys
1.2.1 Monel
1.2.2 Nimonic, 75, 80A
1.2.3 Inconel
1.2.4 Hastelloy B
1.2.5 Hastelloy C, X, G
1.2.6 Incoloy Fe > 28% 
2. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS by Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer  (ICP)
(Ag, Al, B, Ba, Be, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, K, Mg, Mn, Mo, Na,
 Ni, P,Pb, S, Sb, Se, Si, Sn, Tl, V, Zn)
2.1 Solid Samples:
2.1.1 *Ten (10) Analytes P 2,900.00
2.1.2 Nine (9) Analytes P 2,700.00
2.1.3 Eight(8) Analytes P 2,400.00
2.1.4 Seven (7) Analytes P 2,100.00 
2.1.5 Six (6) Analytes P 1,800.00
2.1.6 Five (5) Analytes P 1,500.00
2.1.7 Four (4) Analytes P 1,200.00
2.1.8 Three (3) Analytes P 1,000.00
2.1.9 Two (2) Analytes   P 800.00
2.1.10 One (1) Analyte   P 500.00
2.2 Solution Samples (i.e. Water, Wastewater, etc.)
2.1.1 *Ten (10) Analytes P 2,500.00
2.1.2 Nine (9) Analytes P 2,250.00
2.1.3 Eight(8) Analytes P 2,000.00
2.1.4 Seven (7) Analytes P 1,750.00 
2.1.5 Six (6) Analytes P 1,500.00
2.1.6 Five (5) Analytes P 1,250.00
2.1.7 Four (4) Analytes P 1,000.00
2.1.8 Three (3) Analytes   P 900.00
2.1.9 Two (2) Analytes   P 700.00
2.1.10 One (1) Analyte   P 400.00
Note: * Plus P 100.00 per additional analyte.             
3.1 Tension Test  P 253.00 
3.2 Bend Test  P 165.00
3.3 Rockwell Hardness Test  P 165.00
3.4 Impact Test4  P 300.00
Other elements can be analyzed upon request subject to special charges
Full payment is required prior to issuance of certificate.
All charges are VAT inclusive.
“Rush” analysis that will have to be completed within two (2) days shall have a 50 % surcharge.
Normal delivery time of test results is four (5) to five (7) working days.
Samples shall be retained / stored for one (1) month only, after which samples shall be disposed of, unless a special arrangement is made by the client. Calibration of “Test Equipment” is traceable to international reference standards.
*Prices may change without prior notice
*Freight charges and courier charges for samples sent to us are not included (for outside the Philippines or Metro Manila)