Flux Cored Wires for FCAW

Flux Cored Wires for FCAW

Carbon steel (gas shielded), Carbon steel (self-shielded), Stainless Steel (gas shielded), Hardfacing (gas shielded), Hardfacing (gas shielded open arc), Hardfacing (self-shielded open arc)

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Name AWS Specification JIS Specification Other Specification
NFCW-308LT-1 E308LT1-1

JIS Z3323 YF308LC

NFCW-309LT-1 E309LT1-1

JIS Z3323 YF309LC


NFCW-316LT-1 E316LT1-1

JIS Z3323 YF316LC

NFCW-71T-1C AWS A5.20 E71T-1C

JIS Z3313 YFW 24

DIN 8559 SGR1 C Y 42 32

Shield Gas: CO2